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Cotati Barn Passive Demolition

Passive Demolition of Historic Structure, Cotati California


Dear Mother Nature, You suck

Fountaingrove Round Barn

The famous, important landmark that all of Sonoma County's builders and elected officials couldn't manage to rebuild

Santa Rosa Round Barn Before  

Santa Rosa Round Barn, After Fire

October 10, 2017

Similar historic structures are being restored in other states:

BOS Facebook post Round Barn

Vernacular Architecture, From Free Dictionary

Common domestic architecture of a region, usually far simpler than what the technology of the time is capable of maintaining. In highly industrialized countries such as the U.S., for example, barns are still being built according to a design employed in Europe in the 1st millennium BC. Vernacular structures are characterized by inexpensive materials and straightforwardly utilitarian design.

Passive Demolition, From JG Bracco

When owners of historic structures let them degrade and decay due to negative incentivization from tax authorities.

Sonoma Preservation

About the Barn Series

The vestiges of Sonoma's agricultural legacy - the barns, sheds, shacks and other vernacular agricultural outbuildings - remain well distributed throughout the area. Sadly, many of these buildings are in a state of advanced deterioration and decay. Many are, literally, melting into the ground. These structures are private property but they are also a part of the unique regional character enjoyed by all. Sorely needed are public policies to create incentives for owners to restore and re-purpose these historical structures. Currently many owners are inclined to allow them to disappear as the images below attest.

While the Eastern USA has a number of organized preservation efforts and significantly more structures, western historic barns are at risk due to suburban sprawl. Developers of new subdivisions burn or plow over many of these old and historic barns each year.

In a region that prides itself on preservation of natural resources, there is currently not a single group of any kind - preservation, historical, agricultural, open space... that is engaged in preservation of these man-made structures in Northern California.

Over The Hill Gang - Barns in advanced decay
In a few short years these will no longer be visible
Melting Barn, Penngrove Vanishing Barn, Petaluma old barn penngrove disapearing barn petaluma

In Southern California only a few historic barns remain today.
When our rural heritage is gone, what will distinguish Petaluma from Van Nuys?

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Links & Resources:

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California State Resources

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Incentives for Historic Preservation in California
(California Office of Historic Preservation Technical Assistance Series #15) -

Other States Resources
(why doesn't California have these???)

California is the laggard in preservation of rural 'vernacular' architecture

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Federal Resources

Links to Federal Resources are always changing for some reason, if these links fail you can do your own search.

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